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7 Factors To Hiring A Social Media Manager

7 Factors To Hiring A Social Media Manager

The whole concept of social media advertising is a new approach to developing and growing law firms. When a firm is growing, its owners and employees often become unclear about the direction the firm is going, the best ways to capture new clients, how to promote the skills of the firm, and maybe more comfortable hiring a social media manager instead of taking on the duties themselves.


It is essential that the social media manager and the firm owner work together with mutual respect and trust. This will assist the owner in embracing the processes, marketing results, and be on a more secure and confident path as they roll out the strategy.

7 factors to review when hiring a social media manager for your firm:

1. Meeting with the owner: An early discussion should be with the owner about any possible firm issues. This is also the best time to discuss a point of contact should any issues arise. 


2. Following Advertising Rules: One of the most important aspects of hiring a social media manager is to make sure they are familiar with the legal industry. Most managers are unfamiliar with the state bar advertising rules and that can get you into hot water. State bars across the country have agreed that social media is a form of advertising and therefore your firm has to follow the rules. Make sure you are working with an agency that has experience working with law firms and know the rules. You can find a complete list of state bar advertising rules at Practice Wingman.


3. Discussing budget: It is important to clarify what the budget is for the firm in terms of advertising dollars. The manager should also be honest with the firm regarding what the dollar spent is likely to get them on the social media platforms and what is needed to make an impact. 


4. Defining the terms of engagement: Making sure the firm and the manager are on the same page regarding media management is crucial. A firm should always have a breakdown of what is being offered, what the offering will cost, and ensure that the materials are consistent to help the firm achieve its objectives.


5. Monthly Reporting: The firm should be able to keep track of its effect on social media through monthly reports from the social media manager. The manager should be able to offer this with their services. If they are not able to do this, you need to request it. 

6. Goal Setting: Both the manager and the firm need to be clear as to what the firm is looking for when engaging in any online platform. Is the firm looking for more online interaction? Did the firm want more clients? Are they just trying to build an online presence? Setting clearly defined goals will help with your budget and your overall strategy.


7. Strategy for Your Firm:  The firm and manager need to work together to decide the strategy for your firm. This will be done by setting a specific goal and then discussing how that goal will be attained through social media marketing. This may require a rebranding of your firm.

Hiring a social media manager for your firm can take your firm to the next level, or just be a waste of advertising dollars. Make sure you get the right fit for your firm. By following these steps, you are sure to make the right choice. 


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