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The Quick Guide To Social Media For Your Firm

The Quick Guide To Social Media For Your Firm

This is THE law firm social media guide for great results in five steps

You see it everywhere – regular brands using social media to grow their company and seemingly become popular overnight. You want to do it too, but you think because you are a law firm, you can’t. Think again. 

Social media is growing with solo attorneys and law firms as a cost-effective way to advertise their services. Around 70% now use social media as part of their overall marketing strategy compared to a fraction of that a few years ago. However, are they using the platforms effectively?

We have put together this step-by-step guide to help solos and law firms avoid social media landmines and get real results from their social media. 

1. Make sure you have the basics down. Do you know what platforms work best for your company? Do you know how to post and when? Do you know how to set up your profile for success? Do you know what kinds of posts get the most engagement? If, not, it’s time to do some research or hire an agency to get the quickest results.

2. Sharing original relatable content. Simply put, have you put your stamp on the post you have created? People like to recognize a brand instantly when they look at a post. They do this through color, type font, wording, and the faces attached to the post. The person looking at the post should know it comes from your firm, not someone else’s. So, while it's easy to share an article, it is more effective to share a branded post. 

3. Are you listening to me? Or rather are you listening to your audience? Posting alone will not gain you followers on social media. People now expect their brands to communicate through social media. This can be done quickly through likes and comments or be more detailed with direct messaging. Either way, you must engage with your audience to get results. This is another place where hiring an agency can help you. They have the time you don’t to respond quickly to your audience, which is very helpful for engagement.

4. Sharing is caring in the social media sphere. It sounds oxymoronic, but by sharing information, and giving quick tips to your audience you are more likely to turn them into clients. You are not giving away the milk for free. If a potential client gets in trouble, they are going to go to the person who they think can help them. That person could be you.

5. Video killed the radio star for a reason. And video is killing off picture content quietly in the social media world. Due to changes in algorithms on social media platforms, almost every post now has a picture attached to it. This means that pictures are just not going to cut it any longer. Video is the way of the future. If you are not posting a video at least once a month, you are falling behind. This is why Practice Wingman specializes in video content for your firm. We have seen amazing results from video for our clients, and it can happen for you too.


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