7 Reasons You Should Still Be Active On Facebook

7 Reasons You Should Still Be Active On Facebook

It seems that everyone is talking about a new social media platform nowadays. You may think you are missing out if you don’t dance on Tiktok, join a meeting room on Clubhouse, or have some other new account that you can’t keep track of. Facebook now seems a bit old fashioned. And in the fast-moving world of social media, it is the old timer in the room. But don’t write it off yet. Here are seven reasons why you need to be active on your Facebook page.



1.     Facebook is 2.89 billion users strong and growing

Facebook has the largest online social media presence hands down. You cannot beat Facebook for social media reach for your brand. If you do not have a business page that is active on Facebook you are losing out on half of the planet in terms of advertising.


2.     Facebook allows you to sell directly to its worldwide network of users for pennies

Some people believe that advertising on Facebook is expensive. You know what’s expensive? Direct mail or the yellow pages or that sign spinning guy in the parking lot. All of those things costs way more than Facebook advertising and they don’t have the same reach. With Facebook, your ad literally lands in someone’s hand – ready for viewing. No opening, no looking it up, its just there for them to click.


3.     Facebook is one of the best social media sites for businesses like lawyers, doctors, dentists and other regulated professions.

Yes, Facebook is great for shopping, but you know what? Facebook is also great for businesses who operate brick and mortar operations like doctors, lawyers and dentists. You know why? Because EVERYONE is on Facebook. Even your grandma is on Facebook and she is looking for her next doctor right now on Facebook through recommendation and business pages.


4.     Facebook makes it easy to post and advertise

Facebook really likes Facebook. And they want you to like Facebook too. Because they want you to like Facebook so much, they make it super easy for you to post content and ads. Its so easy a monkey can do it. You can boost a post for $1.00 and reach 200-500 people each day. You can’t get that from direct mail.



5.     Facebook helps you keep track of your ads

Facebook has a fun thing called a pixel. If you place the pixel on your website, you can track everyone who has seen or clicked on your ad to find out more about your business. This means you now know exactly who your audience is and how to directly market to them. It also means that you can keep track of successful ad and the ones that just didn’t work. No more guessing.


6.     Facebook helps draw people to your website

Remember that pixel? That is not the only thing that Facebook does to draw people to your business. You can also provide direct links in every post, on you page, and in your ads. This will lead more people to your website and your business than ever before.


7.     If you are not on Facebook, your competitors are

I see you are still not convinced yet. That’s to bad because your direct competitors are. They are using all of the above tactics to make more money the easy way. They are gaining and tracking new clients every day – even when they are sleeping.  If you do not have a competing page, then you have already lost the fight.

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