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Finding Your Brand Voice

Finding Your Brand Voice

Have you ever looked a business up on Google? I am sure many of us have done this quite a bit. What sort of feel do you get when you look at their website, read through online articles, or watch a video? Are they fun or are they serious? Does it look like they are just starting out or are established? Is this the type of business you can work with? This is that business's brand, and the closest thing you get to a resume for a business.


The mistake many law firm owners make is that they focus too much on getting their shingle up and don’t think about firm branding. Instead, they throw some stuff together from free online information.  But this won’t be enough to stand out from the crowd. So, you end up wasting time, finding scams or things that “just don’t fit”.


Knowing what you want from your firm is just the first step in creating a firm that you love. Finding the right type of client for your business is the second step – and the most important. If you don’t spend money on marketing research, you will end up taking anything that crosses your doorstep. And that path leads to misery.

Marketing research will tell you exactly what type of client works best for you, will help you with your brand strategy, and will help you spend your advertising dollars in the right place. Don’t just jump out into the legal industry without knowing what you want. 

Finding the brand voice of the firm will make you stand out, bring you better quality clients, and streamline your advertising. Stop chasing clients to keep your doors open. With the right branding and marketing strategy, they will be chasing you. 


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